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Belizers Earth Realty Unreserved Auctions
Belizers is offering an unreserved auction of one acre of hobby real estate property in Beautiful Tropical Belize in the Yalback area in the vicinity of Spanish Lookout and a ONE TIME raffle of one acre of real estate property in the same area

The objective is to create awareness of what Belizers Worldwide Co-operative is all about. The purpose is to invite people from all walks of life to participate in the Belizers Earth Realty auctions along with a preliminary raffle of one acre of real estate property to pilot the project. Participants will receive one raffle entry for every bid they place, bids are increments of $50 starting Sept 6 th to Sept 13th The raffle will be via an automated system randomly selecting one winner!
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1: Shaun Semenowich $1000
2: Dwight Hildebrand $1100
3: Faith Sloan $1200
4: Aaron & Shara $1300
5: Shaun Semenowich $1350
6: Aaron & Shara $1400
7: Faith Sloan $1500
8: Aaron & Shara $1550
9: Faith Sloan $2000
10:Helena Redekop $2050
11:Howard Squirk $2100.00
12:Shaun Semenowich $2150
13:Ian Stevens $2200
14:Helena Redekop $2250
15:Susan Hancox $2300

Posted On 9/7/2013 9:01:13 PM
Meet Belizers

The raffle will be done via an automated lottery system where the computer randomly selects one winner.

You will receive one entry into the raffle for every bid you place in the auction.

The auction will close Thursday Sept 12th at 8 PM EST and the raffle will take place at 9 PM the same day.

Please join us in our conference room for a fun filled session where we will announce the highest bidder in the auction of one acre and the winner of the free one acre property raffle.

Enter your first name, click OK, and then type in the room password: gpglobal

Posted On 9/7/2013 11:29:46 AM
Meet Belizers

We are very excited to present a series of land Auctions in the Yalback area of Belize, this area is very close to the mennonite community of Spanish Lookout.
We will be offering half and one third acre autions in the very near future.
This will be perfect for those with smaller budgets. Land values is Belize are on the rise and will be one of the smartest purchases you could ever make. Tourism to Belize is on the rise and people from all walks of life are purchasing property in Belize. Why not you?
Lets make it fun and keep it exciting for all.
Here is a sample picture of a property not far from this area.

Posted On 9/7/2013 11:28:16 AM

Here's an opportunity for you to bid on a piece of tropical paradise in Belize via the Belizers Earth Realty Auction AND a chance for you to win one acre of tropical paradise for free by participating in the bidding of one acre real estate property

Posted On 9/7/2013 11:09:11 AM
Meet Belizers

Here you can read comment, see all of the bids and place bids in increments of $50 on the one acre real estate auction.

You will receive a free raffle entry for every bid you place.
Keep in mind that the bids are in increments of $50

Posted On 9/5/2013 6:18:50 PM
Meet Belizers


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