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EPX Body Paid To Lose Weight
EPX Body pays it's members to lose weight! Please post your success here, your weight loss, EPX products taken, and if you have been paid to lose weight!

EPX Body will pay everyone who takes the 90 day weight loss challenge. You can get paid up to $500 for losing up to 50lbs in 90 days. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to lose weight, as getting a check for your efforts can be a wonderful motivational tool! Objective: Support from other members. What EPX products are working best for your weight loss challenge? Purpose: Support and discussion - Food, Exercise, and EPX Products
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Get motivated by our dynamic fitness trainers and healthy-living experts! Learn valuable insights about nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and accountability. Be inspired by success stories from EPX Body's 90-day healthy-living challenge.

Posted On 9/9/2013 8:59:09 AM
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