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I go this new Biz opp through the Neo Network • 55-80% off vacation deals. (Who needs Expedia, Priceline and expensive Timeshares and all that Jazz) ..... http://theneonetwork.com/?ref=4641

Why Pay $2997 for 7 nights at a Top Aspen Chalet when you can get it for $399 • UP to 22% off your monthly cell phone bill (Verizon, At&t) (12% T-mobile) • Discounts on Rental Cars, Hotels, Groceries, Restaurants, retail stores, movies, basically everything you actually do in life. • Tax Deductions on everything business related…. Including gas, Phone Bill, etc…… • Free Language software, Identify theft protection along with computer protection Check it out - http://theneonetwork.com/?ref=4641
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