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What they don't teach us at school: What to do with our money, or how to invest. They simply don't want you to know sinc emoney is power,a nd they don't want to lose their power.

A GOOD investment requires ALL of the following: 1 - Capital secure 2 - highest possible monthly return/dividend 3 - long term guarantee 4 - Totally on autopilot Only if you match the 4 criterias above, can you speak passive income. We offer about 20%, assured for at least 20 years, as secure as a saving account.
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The world is warming, melting, and the Kyoto meetings united 144 countries to fight against the glass-house effect.
Take advantage, and invest like the big guys.
http://nrg.kostegroup.com will explain you everything you know, then get back to me

Posted On 9/3/2013 9:52:28 AM
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