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Stem Cell Questions
To inform the world about the use of Stem Cells and the possibilities that will come in the near future!

Adult stem cells function as the natural renewal system of the body. Our products enhance and support the work of the body’s stem cells by releasing more stem cells, helping to circulate them in the blood and migrate them into tissues, where they can
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Stem Cells "Amazing Discovery"
Inspired by new developments in adult stem cell research, Christian was struck with a novel idea - what if AFA was somehow

supporting the body in naturally releasing more stem cells?

Motivated by the new challenge, the research team went into high gear. More than 150 experiments later, Christian and his
team experienced a breakthrough. At last, they had isolated the unique components responsible for AFA’s benefits.

Based on this extraordinary discovery, Christian developed a proprietary blend of AFA concentrates that offered consumers a
practical method of taking advantage of the botanical’s health benefits in the form of a supplement. His next feat would include bringing the product to the global market.

Posted On 10/14/2013 3:55:23 PM
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