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Welcome to The Social Media - a place to chat, chill and ask any questions about being online... from social media how to to what to write on your blog and attract customers... welcome to attraction marketing.

Need techie help on who to use wordpress, set up your twitter or facebook account or just confused about what to write about? We started on-line in 1993 and have been sharing every since.. so stop by and say hi!
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I was at a leadership conference today, and for the first time I personally experienced, that the speakers primed the entire audience to tweet about the event, what they where experiencing, feedback, accolades etc....there where several hundred people in the room...very powerful concept for those that are doing public large audience events...seen TV channels do it lots, but this was a first, that they were really kicking it up a notch live.

Posted On 5/10/2013 7:15:03 PM
Meet Jon

Hi: Since we're lucky enough to have a visual savant on this board now (Hi Rodney :) I thought a fresh stab at possibilities for avatars is on order. First of all, I want to state my personal point of view is that any avatar--photo or otherwise--is an opportunity to convey a mood, to evoke an aspect of the persona that a person may wish to convey. In that sense the choice of avatar is pure self-expression. An opportunity. At the risk of seeming like a sycophant, I will repeat my observation that Amanda'a avatar is the best of both worlds--it IS the person and yet a brings a special energy to the moment. Similarly, Rodney's caricatures do that--in a different way. I think "impressionistic" may be the term from the art world that encompasses all of this. I am new to this and still processing all the options for avatars. The idea of "branding" would have you use the same image across all platforms. I might want to have a little more fun with this. Maybe a "cartoon" impression of my pi

Posted On 4/28/2013 6:46:33 PM
Meet Heith

This is one of the visions for Unittus in the future. Seems like a powerful way to organize social media for those involved in many. Does anyone have any experience with it?

Posted On 4/22/2013 6:14:46 PM
Meet Jon

I have a mentor who advised me NEVER to even get on Facebook as myself because of security and privacy issues. What he advocates if you need to be on is to do as under a pen name and for your business. I like the idea but it can be very awkward to do meaningful networking under a pen name--people wonder 'what you're up to." So is there an alternative--for instance, real name but use a logo or cartoon for the picture---and do no "Friend" connections; set all privacy settings to "Me Only" ?

I personally do not see FB as a desirable social platform BUT it is, like it or not, a potentially great source of traffic for business,

Posted On 3/29/2013 12:49:05 PM
Meet Heith

Being in the internet space since 1995 daily...I find it as challenging as ever to keep up with all the social / technology changes and trends. What about people that are not in the profession but want or rely on it? What are some recommendations as to how they can keep current with minimal time commitment?

Posted On 3/25/2013 5:59:05 AM
Meet Jon


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