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Veteran Rescue
Veteran Rescue.org - "A Warrior's Sanctuary". We are 501(c)3 Approved. Office Hours 8 AM-8 PM 7 days a week. CFC Approved! 19270 (Combined Federal Campaign)

We need help in our mission to be there for our Veterans nationwide. This is what we do! We helped Save Another Desperate Veteran and Family From Homelessness! Christi received a call this morning from a homeless Veteran needing a place to live for herself and 2 teenagers. She receives disability, child support and works part time. She is currently in Venice, Fl. Please share so we can help her get off the streets. If you can help please contact me asap! christi@veteranrescue.org
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Christi, keep keeping on, You are the best of the best!

Posted On 8/16/2013 7:06:30 PM
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