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Dallas Bayly

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First NameDallas
Last NameBayly
Business Namedollars4us -- Scootadeal.com
State / ProvinceQueensland
Town / CityBurleigh Heads
GenderGay Man
HairSalt & Pepper
Height5'''' 6" - 5'''' 11"
Your SignPisces
Body TypeAverage to athletic
SummaryI love sales and networking and having an eye for opportunity focused on real estate and new ideas .
Current StatusOpportunity Seeker
Career Seeking?Design, land development, real estate, networking, landscaping, organisational team management
Skills / ExperienceMarketing and Sales
InvestingFine Art, Real Estate, land, Stocks
OrganizationsMS Society , world vision , kiva .
Awards / Certificationsotago University,
Leisure Seeking?Skiing tennis bike riding clubbing running walking galleries
Favorite ActivitiesWalking socializing eating out
Music InterestsClassical house r&b pop jazz
Favorite SongsLet it Be, Believe , Leaving on a Jet Plane , Moon River, Usher
Favorite PerformersUsher , Darryl Braithwaite , empire of the sun , Maurice Jarre, Chopin
InstrumentsPiano , Guitar , Flute , Saxophone
Favorite MoviesJulia & Julia, Death in Venice, Room with a View, Dr Zhivago ,
Favorite ActorsRupert Penry-Jones, Merryl Streep, Nichole Kidman, Stephen Fry
Favorite TelevisionSilk , Poirot , Revenge, Grand Designs, Gardening Australia , the News, four corners
Favorite BooksHistory and Biography and travel eg London by Peter Ackroyd
Favorite AuthorsPeterAckroyd, Gore Vidal , Edmund White, David Attenborough,

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Eco Affordable homes
Hi I f you are on the East coast of Australia i can organise the delivery and build starting from $120k these delightful eco steel homes. Call me on 0413252252

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Dallas Bayly

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