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Dave Klaybor

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First NameDave
Last NameKlaybor
Business NamePowerLineSystems.webs.com
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceCalifornia
Town / CityLake arrowhead
Height5' 6" - 5' 11"
Your SignLibra
Body TypeAverage, But fit, play Racquett sports 4 x's a week - Golf 1x a wk - hike 3 x's a wk - want a partner to lift weights and work out more...
SummaryI help Home-Based Business Entrepreneurs to SUCCEED at their business's - Retire Early - Earn a 6-figure f/t income - help distr's DEVEOP their FULL POTENTIAL
Current StatusBusiness Owner, looking to come out of semi-retirement to build one last Direct Sales Giant...
Career Seeking?VP Sales/Mktg - Director of Training - Partner - Business Builder
Skills / ExperienceAuthor-Writer-Columnist -- Speaker-Teacher-Trainer -- Consultant - Educator - PR - Arbitration
InvestingReal Estate, I INVEST IN ME ! - I can do better than any broker house ;-)
OrganizationsI help my clients to EARN MORE INCOME - stop commuting in traffic and waking up to an alarm clock - PAY OFF THEIR BILLS - drive a FREE CAR - go on FREE Vacations - win co Bonuses
Awards / Certificationsmany - go to FaceBook and find out my complete life/career story ;-)
Leisure Seeking?PARTNER in many areas:: 1- LifePartner/Soulmate -2- hiking -3- motorcyle rie in the Mountains -4- airplane rides - 5- A-level Racquettball -6- B-level Tennis Golf -7- MLM Networking -8- Boating -9- Freindship
Favorite Activitiesgo to my FaceBook site and read about my whole life - career
Music InterestsRock, Classic Rock, Rock Ballands - I SING and PLAY my own music.... some Christian and Some Country and some Jazzzzzzz
Favorite Songsmainstream rock - all the artists who where great musicians in the 60's - 70's - 90's... and some modern
InstrumentsGuitar and piano
Movie InterestsComedy, Action/Adventure, Sifi, Historical
Favorite Moviesfunny - positive -pro-active ... Disney to Documentary's ... wide variety .. some Girly-Romance Flicks...... DO NOT LIKE Horror films - Dramma's... needs to be FUN or ACTION - or History
Favorite Actorstalk to me about this
Favorite TelevisionI USE THE TV to LAUGH and LEARN... so it is on 24/7 in the backround
Favorite Booksself-help - personal developement - car/bike manuals - funny/learning stuff
Favorite AuthorsI AM A WRITER - blessed to have my name on the Cover of 7 books... go to Fbook and see my career and personal life - its all their with 250 pics

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HOW can Dave Help YOU ?
If you are in the Direct Sales / Network Marketing Industry.. schedule a 3-way - Conference Call - Webinar - Hike or Seminar with Dave to see ho he can help you and your group reach your GOALS - Dreams - Aspirations .... he can help you: RETIRE EARLY in Life - Earn a 6-Figure f/t income - PAY-OFF y

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Dave Klaybor

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