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Gustavo Oduber

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First NameGustavo
Last NameOduber
CountryUnited States
SummaryArtist Gustavo A. Oduber-Quigley email:theoduberxchange@yahoo.com Born in the Dutch Caribbean in May of 1955, Gustavo acquired his artistic talent from his mother, a Dutch Caribbean primitive artist named Julie Oduber-Quigley (1934-2001). As early as the age of ten, he developed a distinctive style with pen & ink, which no other artist had ever done before. His major subject matter is the world famous Divi-Divi trees and its surroundings, including the country homes in the area. After many years of abstaining from his true talent, Gustavo rediscovered his passion for painting with a new focus on Wall Street and technology. Gustavo is now specifically targeting the Wall Street community and more specifically technology companies that have changed the way we live and interact with savvy representations of popular companies, graphs, logos, images, and exchanges from around the world. Why Wall Street/Technology? Gustavo attained his Series 7 and worked briefly as an investment advisor in Miami… giving him an entirely new perspective of Wall Street. Accordingly, Gustavo decided to leverage his artistic talent with his prior extensive new product and marketing development experience with the technology market as his drawing board. Ultimately, he aspires to create his own unique signature style dubbed a thematic technology art from Wall Street 2 Main Street. Wall Street is my canvass where my creative energy flows with vibrant colors depicting themes relative to the companies and products that have changed the way we live, breath, and interact. Consequently, documenting the History of Technology All artwork are technology images like Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon PRICE: $1.35 per square inch include ship/handling/packaging in USA. As Gustavo’s creative energy manifest itself, he has plans to explore other specialty markets with his thematic art. These new markets will represent a natural extension to his base technology signature and will include fashion & design, interior design, sculpture, crystals, and home accessories.
Current StatusFreelance
Skills / ExperienceArtist Acrylic & Oil

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Gustavo Oduber
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