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Julia Ramirez

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First NameJulia
Last NameRamirez
Business NameSocial Media & Facebook, LinkedIn and Network Mark
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceTexas
Town / CityBridgeport
Height4' 6" - 4' 11"
Your SignTaurus
Body TypeAverage
SummaryEntrepreneur evolved to Social Entrepreneur
Current StatusBusiness Owner
Career Seeking?Anyone who wishes to support the Unittus mission and Partner with myself and Unittus!!
Skills / ExperienceOver 21 years of NetWork Marketing, Social Platforms, Internet Marketing, and still learning every day!!
InvestingFutures, Helping People
OrganizationsUnittus For Ever!!
Awards / CertificationsRising Star Director, Director
Leisure Seeking?People that love making money online and leaning from the best how to do so!
Favorite ActivitiesComputers, Playing with baby donkey, Spending time with my family and teaching people how to make money online!
Music InterestsCountry, Blues, Christian/Gospel, Classic Rock
Favorite SongsLord Help Me Jesus!, Fancy
Favorite PerformersReba McEntire, Lorretta Lynn, Shania Twain, and many more
InstrumentsBass, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard
Movie InterestsComedy, Romance, Western, Action/Adventure
Favorite MoviesThe NoteBook, Hope Floats, Steel Magnolias, Practical Magic
Favorite ActorsJulia Roberts, Sandra Bulock, Reba McEntire, George Lopez
Favorite TelevisionReba McEntire, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Dog and Beth on the Hunt, Duck Dynasty
Favorite BooksThink and Grow Rich

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Julia Ramirez
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