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Olorunyomi Wale

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First NameOlorunyomi
Last NameWale
Height5'' 6" - 5'' 11"
Body TypeAverage
Current StatusConsultant, Opportunity Seeker, Unemployed
Career Seeking?To join a company that offers me a stable and positive atmosphere and inspires me to enhance and therefore to innovate the work culture for the betterment of all parties concerned.
Skills / Experience• Undergone Safety Professional Development training programs with OSHAcademy in the following areas; Bloodborne Pathogens, Effective Safety Committee Operations, Confined Space Entry Program, Developing OSH Training, Effective Accident Investigator, Effective Safety Committee Meetings, Electrical Safety Basics, Emergency Action Plans, Energy Control Program - Lokout-Tagout, Ergonomics Program Management, Fall Protection Program, Fire Prevention Plans, Fleet Safety Management, Hazard Analysis and Control, Hazard Communication Program, Introduction to Ergonomics, Introduction to OSH Training, Job Hazard Analysis, OSHA Recordkeeping, Personal Protective Equipment, Preventing Workplace Violence, Safety Management System Evaluation, Safety Supervision and Leadership. 32 Hours Safety and Health Committee Member 36 Hours Occupational Safety and Health Supervisor 36 Hours Occupational Safety and Health Trainer [Train-The-Trainer] 36 Hours Safety and Health Committee Leader 40 Hours Occupational Safety and Health Specialist 48 Hours Occupational Safety and Health Manager • Undergone appreciation training in high-raising Scaffold Erection and Dismantling with Australian Skill Training (AST). • Undergone series of training with DUPONT In the following areas; Construction Safety, Safety training for Safety professionals, Safety Induction for project Engineers, Control of work training for work permit applicants and issuers, Isolation of energy-LAKATABU PROJECT, Project leadership-LAKATABU PROJECT, Work Permit System, Confined Spaces, Scaffolding and Fall Protection, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Safe Crane and Rigging Practices, Housekeeping and First Aid. • Basic skill on Working at height from Altius France. • Undergone training with capablepeople in OHSMS Auditor/Lead Auditor. • Successfully Completed and passed NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in oil and Gas Operational safety. • Successfully Completed IOSH Managing safely • Current Practice in the area of Safety, Health, and Environmental issues, including Legislative requirements, and Codes of Practice e.g. Hazard Analysis, Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Site Auditing, Accident Investigation Procedures, and Safe Work Practices. Good Interpersonal, Organizational and Presentation skills, with effective written and oral communication from Management to Worker level.
IncomeMiddle, Upper Middle, High
InvestingReal Estate, Precious Metals, Mutual Funds, Futures
Awards / CertificationsB.ENG Mining Engineering, NEBOSH International Cert in oil and gas operational safety, IOSH Managing safely

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Olorunyomi Wale
Lafarge Cement WAPCO Nigeria PLC
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