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Phil Schaefer

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First NamePhil
Last NameSchaefer
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceNorth Carolina
Town / CityChapel Hill
Summary"LIFE-PHARM-GLOBAL" knows what Works!! Your Good Health is YOUR Greatest Wealth ... Imagine an Easy and Affordable way to stay Nutritionally Balanced and get paid simply for sharing it with others. WHAT IF You really were in The Right Place and at The Right Time? Would You be in a position to both Recognize AND Act on it? IF You believe that only "Real Science" Matters when it comes to choosing a Product & Company to represent, then this is for You. "Help Yourself". Please Proceed to My Personal Website, because Your Good Health is Your Greatest Wealth. Imagine an Easy and Affordable way to Finally Become Well Again. We've got Perfect Products at The Perfect Time, along with The Perfect Plan of Action. Say YES to One Superior Product Line and One Awesome Opportunity. Follow My Lead, ALL the way to the Bank. This is YOUR "Invitation to Succeed" in this Business. I look forward to working with You as we bring this to the World in 2012 and Beyond. We're Sharing Good Health & Great Wealth with the World. A Healthy Concern is a Great Beginning. Join us today. Phil Schaefer - Your Global Marketing Assistant Phil@good4yougourmet.com

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Phil Schaefer

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