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Polly Bauer

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First NamePolly
Last NameBauer
Business NamePolly Bauer and Associates, Inc.
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceFlorida
Height< 4' 0"
SummaryPolly Bauer CPCS, CME is an internationally recognized authority and considered by many to be the preeminent expert on credit card operations and all forms of payment acceptance, as it relates to internet, direct marketing and non face to face payment transactions. Her pioneer work in the field of credit card fraud prevention and detection performance has made her a much sought after consultant by top Direct Response industry executives. A merchant advocate, she specializes in loss prevention, international expansion for credit card acceptance, and customer payment data security.
Current StatusConsultant
Skills / ExperienceInternationally recognized credit card authority, business consultant and professional speaker
OrganizationsDirect Response Forum (Board of Directors member); CNP-Europe (Board Advisor)
Awards / CertificationsCME, Certified Professional Corporate Speaker (CPCS), 2006 Movers and Shakers Award from Transaction World Magazine

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The Plastic Effect
Increasing credit card debt and a lack of knowledge about how credit cards really work have created a new social phenomenon called The Plastic Effect. But you can break free with this new book, a must for anyone with a credit card!

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Polly Bauer
Polly Bauer and Associates, Inc.
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