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First NamePRABIN
Last NameKUMAR
State / ProvinceNew Delhi (NCR/NCT)
Town / CityNew Delhi
SummaryAn accomplished professional with 4+ years of experience with well known organizations. - Advance Planning & Scheduling - Distribution and logistics - Inventory management - Warehouse Management System - Transportation Management - SCM-Performance Measurement Systems - Statutory Compliances - CPFR (Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and replenishment) - Defining Standard Operating Procedures - Budgeting Excellence in Analysis and Problem solving -Sound Judgment and Decision Making Skills -Achievement oriented Team Builder -Strong Influencing Skills -Persuasive Communicator Specialties :- Expertise to design and implement Supply Chain infrastructure and management of day to day operation (Consumer Durable / Electronics & Retail Industries) and Logistics & Distribution operations for All Supply Chain formats.
Current StatusBusiness Owner
Skills / ExperienceAn accomplished professional with 5+ years of experience with well known organizations. Job Responsibilities 1. Direct the function of the company’s Dispatch Coordinators, Special Projects Coordinator, Logistics Assistant, and Logistics Drivers; therein, provide assertive day to day leadership, management, and guidance; 2. Ensure that robust and effective logistics-related safety, security, and regulatory employee training programs are maintained; 3. Drive and facilitate the company’s strategy to cultivate a fully engaged workforce. 4. Development of quality assurance processes and procedures 5. Maintain the order flow of all products and manage the customer delivery process 6. Maintain and care for Logistics and Warehousing hub 7. Manage the procurement, tracking and reception of materials / products 8. Work closely with our worldwide agents regarding order flow process by forecasting delays product issues, or situations that could impact operations 9. Evaluate and review the company’s logistics operations business practices, update and develop process documentation, streamline opportunities, and eliminate non-value added activities; 10. Drive the development and cultivation of positive business relationships with the company’s logistics customers and vendors; direct pricing and performance reviews in order to identify service and revenue improvement opportunities and to manage costs; 11. Provide leadership support to other company business functions in the development of client solutions and transportation pricing requests; 12. Ensure the existence, maintenance, and functioning of an adequate system of internal controls in all functional areas of the department; 13. Develop and manage the logistics operations budget and all related fiscal forecasting and planning activities; 14. Drive and facilitate activities that improve coordination and communication within the logistics department and other departments throughout the corporation (e.g. Client Services, Operations, Sales, Finance, HR, IT)
OrganizationsBhagwat Group Corporation is a self owned service provider company founded in the India deals in Various Business sectors, with a reputation for providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base. The Group has developed a strong management team, Promoted by Mr. Prabin Kumar and managed by some of the most experienced professionals in the industry are committed to working within established quality procedures to provide each customer with the most reliable personalised service dedicated to the continuous development of both our people and our services. Bhagwat Group Corporation has established steady growth, overcoming stiff competition and challenges to emerge as a pioneer in the service industry. The Bhagwat Group Corporation is a focused, dynamic and progressive group providing customers with value added services and innovative solutions. The Group has core competencies in Supply Chain Solutions (SCM), Web Design & Development and Education Consultant. These competencies are supported by specialization in Barcode Solutions, Real Estate, Job Consulting and Computer, Networking & Hardware Solutions. Bhagwat Group Corporation is focusing on new technologies and innovation to drive its business in India and internationally Bhagwat Group Corporation has established steady growth, overcoming stiff competition and challenges to emerge as a pioneer in the global logistics industry. the group has collaborated with global service leaders and adopted backward integration in key areas.

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