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Sharon Johnson

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First NameSharon
Last NameJohnson
Height5' 0" - 5' 5"
Your SignGemini
Body TypeAverage
SummaryA well disciplined entrepreneur, I have a wide range of computer technology and willing to learning more. I am able to help and bring the best out in people who need help.
Current StatusBusiness Owner
Career Seeking?Projects that will help me to help others
Skills / ExperienceConstruction design to pipeline Construction company and to many others to mention, to online marketing, internet advertising.
Leisure Seeking?Mature couples to share dinning out, barques, fishing and camping just enjoying Our later years
Favorite ActivitiesReading and crocheting, learning as much as possible about the internet
Music InterestsClassic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Country
Favorite SongsLeader of The Pack, Two Faces Of A Clown, Three Stars, One Kiss For Old Time Sake
Favorite PerformersSteve Earl, Ronnie Dove, The Eagles, The Who,
InstrumentsSaxophone, Bass Guitar, Trumpet
Movie InterestsAction/Adventure, Comedy, Family/Kids
Favorite MoviesThe De Vince Code,
Favorite ActorsTom Hanks, Goldie Hawn Robert De Niro
Favorite TelevisionBones, Castle, and cooking shows
Favorite BooksSilent Partner and any other books by this auther
Favorite AuthorsJonathan Kellerman

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Being The Best You Can Be
My Personal Bio I just wanted to give a little insight to why I am so passionate about promoting EPX Body burn. On Feb.19/2013 I had to see my doctor about my lungs, You see I have Lung disease (COPD) and have been on oxygen since Feb 2003, I also started gaining weight because of my inactiveness

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Sharon Johnson

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Being The Best That You Can Be

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