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A place for Unittus members, that live in the AUSTIN, TX area, to come together and share ideas and plan events so we can Socialize and have fun in different places around town.

We can express our strategies and ideas about coming together at EVENTS in the AUSTIN, TX area. There are so many GREAT places to come together and meet in person and just have a good time sharing stories and sharing UNITTUS with others. TOGETHER we can make AUSTIN the hottest area to build UNITTUS.
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Where can I find a Unittus social meeting in dallas texas

Posted On 9/26/2013 2:57:18 PM
Meet Guillermo

We had a great conversation and I was encouraged to encounter a man with such passion and integrity. The topic of our first meeting was to join together some strategies and events to help GROW the membership of UNITTUS in the Austin area. This area is one of the best places to live and do business in the whole world. Our vision is to make Austin the MODEL for the rest of Unittus to mirror.

Posted On 8/30/2013 9:45:46 AM
Meet Jimmy

When I met Jimmy for the first time the other day, he was wearing a Unittus shirt and had Unittus business cards with him. I enjoyed our meeting in lots of ways; one of those ways is that it was a reconnection with the vision of Unittus. Even though I have been a member of Unittus for a while and consider myself highly motivated, I came out of my meeting with Jimmy with a renewed sense of purpose. Since the purpose of this group is to facilitate those kinds of personal meetings, I say we Unittors are very forunate to have Jimmy on our side. I look forward to the energy and fun that I know can come out of this group.

Posted On 8/30/2013 9:35:27 AM
Meet Heith


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