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Journals of a home based online entrepreneur
They say there is NO substitute for experience. I have spent 23 years working from home, the last 13 years leveraging the power of the internet. Let me share practical tips, advice and life lessons to help you enjoy success online and from home.

I am passionately committed to helping people fulfil their hopes and dreams. I have had the privilege of enjoying 23 years working from home creating a successful 25 year marriage, raising 2 teenage children, and enjoying a level of personal freedom and well being only a home based business can give. This board is a growing collection of my life experiences to help people create their own personal success story working from home and leveraging the power of the internet.
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If you want to be successful look at what everyone else is doing and head in the opposite direction fast!
Statistically your odds of succeeding are poor if you follow the crowd because most people are unhappy, financially crippled, unhealthy, unfit, and generally feeling unfulfilled.
Fact - only 5% of people achieve the success they desire in life!
The 5% are often mavericks; didn’t follow tradition; had to overcome a lot of adversity; were told they would not amount to anything, had little chance of success; and were not the most popular people.
When you follow a different path to everyone else many will be quick to criticise and try to pull you back into the crowd. It takes courage, strength and a sense of purpose to beat to a different drum.
So if you want to be a success it is important to note that may not be always popular. Success is not a popularity contest and often what many call success may be far from real success is.

Posted On 8/23/2013 3:43:14 PM
Meet Michael

I have been in Network Marketing, MLM, and Home based businesses for over 26 years. I highly recommend working on your skills and self image to where your success allows you to actually WORK from HOME FULL TIME. I feel that Unittus will give many the financial vehicle and the source of knowledge to help the dreams and goals of the members come to fruition. I look forward to hearing the stories of success from this UBoard. Thanks for putting it together Michael.

Posted On 8/22/2013 9:41:47 PM
Meet Jimmy

Most people would say prospectors made the most but the reality is only a small % made money, and many died or went broke trying.
But EVERY prospector needed a shovel, pans, supplies, and other essentials to prospect for gold. The sellers of these tools did not concern themselves if the prospector was successful or not. They just focused on providing the tools.
...and the sellers of the tools in the Gold Rush made fortunes!
The INTERNET is the NEXT Gold Rush with millions logging on each week for the first time.
Every day a % of these people seek to create online success, to find their gold nugget. They've all heard of how others made it BIG online and they hope they can do the same.
However 99% of people don’t have the right tools and don’t know HOW to find the gold nuggets.
This is why I focus on helping people access the right tools to make $ online. I’m not invested in what gold nugget they choose. I just want to help them succeed.

Posted On 8/19/2013 4:25:10 PM
Meet Michael

Why people choose to get involved in a new online business may surprise you.

1. Reputation or relationship with person introducing the business
2. Income opportunity
3. Products

After 25 years helping people create income from home, and online, I know relationships and reputation will attract more people, and a higher calibre of people, than anything else.

It can also be the main reason people do NOT get involved with you :)

Before you think everyone is going to be excited about your revolutionary new compensation plan (that can be cheaply & easily copied) or brag about your wonder products (there's a new best product coming out every day)...remember, people JOIN people first, before anything else!

Ask yourself, "Would I get into business with me?" .....honestly!

Is everything you publish online or the way you behave offline portraying you as someone with the right attributes to partner with in business?

Posted On 8/13/2013 10:02:53 PM
Meet Michael

I’ve been a big fan of the book, “The 4 hour work week” by Tim Ferris.

The principles can be applied whether you are 'employed' OR 'self-employed'. The end game is to create businesses that can operate largely on auto-pilot and allow you to be 100% mobile receiving your income no matter where you live!



You can get ALL this plus weekly training from the top internet marketers in the world....priceless!

There is a complete video library of simple to follow video tutorials to guide you every step of the way!

You can try out these auto-pilot tools RISK FREE by simply taking up the $1 seven day trial of this suite of business automation tools at www.pureleverage.com/lekker and experience these resources first hand.

Posted On 8/13/2013 9:44:23 PM
Meet Michael


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