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A place were you, if you are LONELY and want to Escape for a little while; here is the place! Only you know if you are lonely and need to escape and tell your story this is a place for lonely people to escape if only for a short time!

A place for the lonely people of the world to escape to and to come together with other lonely people, which know your story and do understand, because your story is their story! Now you are not so alone. Are you surrounded by family and friends and still feel all alone; then join like minded people from all over this world! When like minded people stand together, we don’t feel so alone!!!
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No ones deserves to be lonely in life. Unittus has a dream to help connect people for common interest, need or cause.
Everyone has a brilliance and has a right to share it here with the world. Thank you Albert..this is an amazing idea!

Posted On 5/3/2013 1:16:15 PM
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