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William "Bill" Christofferson

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First NameWilliam "Bill"
Last NameChristofferson
Business NameTriniti Vision
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceMinnesota
Town / CityRochester
Height6' 0" - 6' 5"
Your SignLeo
Body TypeFew Extra Pounds
SummaryCurrently I am a Social advisor with Unittus Inc. I also still own and am active with my own Telecommunication Company called InHomeComm.com
Current StatusBusiness Owner
Career Seeking?Looking for Career minded self motivated entrepreneurs.
Skills / Experience30 years as a Customer Service Rep for a major airline. I have also prospered in the field of Health and Beauty and supplementation. I graduated from a Technical institute and have been a Carpenter for over 40 years.
IncomeUpper Middle
Awards / CertificationsMedal Of Achievement United Airlines, Dale Carnegie Sales Talk Champion, Dale Carnegie Human Relations course (Twice)
Favorite ActivitiesPitching Balls to the Grandsons, Playing WII with the Kids, As much as I Gripe about it, I actually have fun with My wife "Garage saleing" :-)
Music InterestsChristian/Gospel, Classic Rock, Classical
Favorite SongsThis is my Town, by Montgomery Gentry and also Our Town by James Taylor, from the movie Cars
Favorite PerformersRob Thomas, Alan Jackson, Any Orchestra
InstrumentsViolin, Piano/Keyboard, Bass Guitar
Movie InterestsAction/Adventure, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction
Favorite MoviesLord of the Rings
Favorite ActorsMorgan Freeman, Charleton Heston, Jeff Bridges, Gary Oldman, Anthony Hopkins
Favorite TelevisionAlways loved the wisdom in Kung Fu with David Carradine
Favorite BooksThink and Grow Rich, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, THE BIBLE
Favorite AuthorsDale Carnegie

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William "Bill" Christofferson
Triniti Communications
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