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Blair S Jensen

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First NameBlair S
Last NameJensen
Business NameMake-Believe Creative Ventures, Inc.
State / ProvinceBritish Columbia
Town / CityVictoria
Height6' 0" - 6' 5"
Your SignPisces
Body TypeAverage
SummaryMulti-disciplinary entrepeneur with wide-ranging experience, a fearless resolve, and ability to bring the best out of others.
Current StatusBusiness Owner, Opportunity Seeker, Investor
Career Seeking?Projects that will truly make a difference in the lives of others
Skills / ExperienceDishwasher to Designer to Dream Maker and a whole lot inbetween
IncomeUpper Middle
InvestingReal Estate, Precious Metals, Mutual Funds, Stocks
Awards / Certifications2 Daytime Emmy Awards for design in Animated Series
Leisure Seeking?Mature couples with younger children to share the joys, challenges while trying to have a life!
Favorite Activitiescooking, drawing, playing with my kids, sight-seeing, watching movies, dreaming, meditating, yoga
Music InterestsClassic Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Alternative, Spiritual, New Age
Favorite SongsSongbird, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, One, Imagine, Hallelujah, Still Can't Say Goodbye, Somewhere Only We Know, Sometimes You Can't MAke It On Your Own, Human, Ave Maria, May It Be, Open Your Eyes,
InstrumentsPiano/Keyboard, Saxophone, Guitar, Violin
Movie InterestsScience Fiction, Drama, Family/Kids, Mystery/Suspense

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Blair S Jensen
The Nucleus Project, LLC
Co-Owner and Co-Founder
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