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Jon Anthony Astore

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First NameJon Anthony
Last NameAstore
Business NameUnittus
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceFlorida
Town / CitySarasota
Height5'' 6" - 5'' 11"
Your SignVirgo
Body TypeToned
SummarySerial Entrepreneur evolved to Social Entrepreneur
Current StatusBusiness Owner, Investor, Philanthropy
Career Seeking?Anyone who wishes to support the Unittus mission
Skills / ExperienceStill trying to figure that out. Like to create and build things of meaning
InvestingReal Estate, Coins, Stamps, Business, Stocks
Leisure Seeking?Couples w/ teens, Intersting people with a passion on a mission to achieve their greatness in life
Favorite ActivitiesRV'in, Crew, Tennis, Exotic Cars Shows and Auctions, Chess, ping pong, table tennis
Music InterestsClassical, Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, Opera
Favorite SongsMad World by Adam Lambert
Favorite PerformersPhil Collins, Adam Lambert, Cold Play, Andrea Bocelli
InstrumentsPiano/Keyboard, Violin
Movie InterestsDocumentary, Comedy, Action/Adventure
Favorite MoviesPay it Forward, The Graduate, August Rush, Walk the Line, Collateral Beauty, Grand Prix, The Notebook
Favorite ActorsTom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Clint Eastwood, Cuba M. Gooding, Jr.,
Favorite TelevisionChopped, Disney, Fox Network News, American Pickers, Storage Hunters, Shark Tank, The Profit
Favorite BooksThink and Grow Rich, Contagious
Favorite AuthorsNeopolin Hill, Jonah Berger

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Jon Anthony Astore
Founder, Chairman & CEO
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