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Keith Fiveson

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First NameKeith
Last NameFiveson
Business NameITESA & Get Customer Experience
CountryUnited States
State / ProvinceNew York
Town / CityNew York City
Skills / Experience* Strategy and Transformation (Brand CX, SM) * Sourcing - call centers, BPO, back office * Site Selection, Benchmarking, M&A Assessments * Training, Coaching, Supervising, Leading * EQ-i, CQ-i and assessments to impact performance * Telecommunications (IP, IVR, Chat, SIP) * Help Desk Optimization, Software, ITIL, MTR * Social CRM, Channel/Experience Integration
OrganizationsAmerican Teleservices Association, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals International, Direct Marketing Association, Interfaith Council of New York
Awards / CertificationsWilliam Dubois Award for Leadership, Fellowship and Humanitarian Services

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Keith Fiveson
ITESA & Get Customer Experience
CEO, Founder
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