About Unittus

Unittus was founded in 2011. Our International Headquarters are based in Sarasota, Florida USA. Our company has amazing and dedicated staff members and group supporters all around the world.

Unittus is an evolution of a patient search. Although lofty in its desires, this search had very specific objectives. Would it be possible to create a global brand that could provide a positive and productive experience for anyone who was involved? Could something be developed that would change the way we get things done on a daily basis? Could this be done?

Over the past half-century, human behavior has been shaped by pioneering companies such as McDonald's, who changed the way we eat, Walmart, who changed the way we shop, Microsoft, who introduced us to the power of the personal computer, and Google who changed the way we search for information.

It was truly not that long ago that our "world" extended only a very short distance from where we lived. We would purchase goods and services from local merchants, we had friends in the neighborhood, we joined groups that were in town, and statistically, would find a mate usually within 30 miles of where we lived.

Technology, and the evolution of human behavior, has changed all this. Today, the vast majority of our population has the ability to purchase goods and services from all over the world. We have the ability to organize groups and find people with common interests on a global basis. We can connect with people, fall in love, socialize and develop professional relationships all over the world. As behavior trends expand and grow, the world continues to shrink and be more within reach of the common man.

This is why Unittus was born - to give every human being the ability to, "find... or be found" - regardless of the reason or need. Expand your life experiences with this amazing opportunity to participate and earn as you touch lives around the world.

Welcome to the pursuit of productivity and positivity that comes from connecting with the world around us. Welcome to Unittus!

Unittus, founded by people, developed globally by people, for the enrichment, generosity and lifestyle improvement of the people and our planet. . . Join us today!

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