Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Is there an age requirement to join Unittus?
When you register, you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you are located, you have full legal capacity to enter into the agreement, and that you agree to abide by any and all country and local laws per your residency.

What countries can participate in Unittus?
Currently, we welcome people from all over the world with translations in multiple languages.

Is Unittus a publicly traded company?
No, Unittus is a private company based in the USA.

How can I contribute to the Unittus mission?
To learn more about opportunities with us, please visit the Careers / Internship page of this website. As you learn more about the Unittus cause, we welcome your support of our brand by visiting

Who benefits utilizing Unittus?
Anyone around the world, regardless of your age, race, educational level, or economic status can benefit from being a part of the Unittus Community—bringing the world together through our unique proprietary platform and sharing the opportunity with others, which you can benefit from personally. Unittus, the peoples company who cares and enriches all involved.

Who are the Unittus executive leaders?
To learn more about the Executive leaders of the company, please visit the Executive Team page of this website.

Will Unittus sell my information?
No. It is Unittus' policy to respect our customers and their right to privacy online. We hold your detailed personal information in confidence. Unittus will not sell, rent, or give away your personal information to other companies. You have a choice of the information you desire to place on your uProfile for public view.

What is Unittus?
Unittus is the people's company—a uWorld Community, acting with one accord, to uNite like-minded people and empower the human spirit for the ultimate benefit of all humanity and the planet we all share.

How does Unittus earn money?
Unittus is a privately funded enterprise that relays on contributions, subscriber income and the brand support of the public and its community Unittors & independent, International Social Advisors. We welcome your support of our brand by visiting

What is the Unittus Mission?
The 'cause' mission of Unittus is simple in concept, but profound as an impact on our world. Unittus will join all, empowering the human spirit regardless of interest or need. Our motto is 'find… or be found'. Your Social…Career…and Leisure World redefined. This will be achieved with the highest regard and respect for each and every human being, culture and country on earth. Global peace, good, positive, productive expectation and deliverance is what the Unittus brand will represent. This will be achieved by connectivity and empowered human benefit in the most efficient manner of the utilization of human energy, time, and resources as it applies to green and carbon footprint consciousness to accomplish our mission. Unittus, founded by people, developed globally by people, for the enrichment, generosity and lifestyle improvement of the people and our planet...JOIN US TODAY!

Unittor FAQs

How do I get the most benefit by using the Unittus uWorld social network?
The most important first step is to complete your uProfile with as much details as possible. This will allow others with common interest or need to find you quickly. The second is to begin searching for people with areas of interest or to fulfill needs you might have today. Unittus opens up the world for your social, career or leisure needs! More people are joining daily, so integrate Unittus as part of your productive time every day.

If I want to refer friends to Unittus, can I get paid?
Yes, absolutely, Unittus is a company that was created by people, continues to grow all over the world by people for the benefit of people. Please refer to the 'Opportunity' tab at top of page to learn more about how you can make additional income today, doing what you do everyday any way.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use the Unittus Product?
No, you may become a Unittor at no cost. By doing so, you will have access to use many of the uTools available within the Unittus Community. In order to access additional uTools, please refer to the upgrade panel on your my account page.

What uTools are available for free?
Join for free and enjoy access to our product—you can create a uProfile, upload pictures (uPics), conduct searches, and be found by others. You will have access to the uTime zone chart, and limited access to both our internal uMail and uTap uTools.

What uTools are available if I subscribe?
Subscribe to Unittus, you will have access to a number of uTools, which will help you to 'find and be found.' As a Unittus subscriber, you can translate uProfiles, chat on-line with others, view on-line help, create / join groups, and access to uMail / Connection folders to help manage your connections, and more, depending on the subscription level you choose!

For details click here.

What is uMail?
uMail is the internal email uTool, which allows you to send / receive email messages with others within our community, and provides the ability to setup Connection folders to sort and manage your connections.

What is uChat?
uChat is our internal on-line chat uTool, which allows you to chat on-line with others.

What is the uTime zone chart?
Our uTime zone chart allows you to see the current local times around the world.

How do I update the information in my uProfile?
To update your uProfile information:

  • Log in to your Unittus account
  • Select the appropriate category (Social, Career, Leisure)
  • Click on the Update button
  • Update your information
  • Click on the Update button to update your information

If you have any further questions, you may send an email to

What web browsers does Unittus support?
For the best Unittus experience, we support the current, plus one version back of:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari

What policies do I need to adhere to while using Unittus?
Please review the policies described in our Policies & Procedures, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use.

How do I upload a Photo (uPic)?
Adding a photo (uPic) to your uProfile is fun and easy!

  • Log in to your Unittus account
  • Click on the Manage Your uPics link
  • Select a category (Social, Career, Leisure) from the Category drop-down list
  • To choose a photo, click on the Select button
  • Locate and click on the photo you wish to upload
  • Click on the Upload button

How do I upload and add my uProfile Photo (uPic)?
To insert your uProfile photo, the photo must first be uploaded to the social, career, or leisure category.
Unittus creates your uProfile photo by cropping a square out of the middle of the photo you uploaded.

  • Log in to your Unittus account
  • Follow the steps in the “How do I upload a Photo (uPic)?” above, to upload your uPic
  • Once your uPic is uploaded, click on the uPic you wish to use as your uProfile photo to enlarge it
  • Click on the Make Profile Photo link, located at the top of the photo

You can upload uPics for your social, career, and leisure interest, which will make it very easy for people to learn more about you, your passions and interest focus at a glance. We require that you use a solo uPic of yourself as your primary uPic.

Advisor FAQs

What is the basis on how I earn commissions with Unittus?
Our Independent, International Social Advisors (ISAs) are paid only on the sale of our product or the sharing of our unique proprietary home-based business opportunity. We pay a one-time $25 commission on each sale of a uPro package. In addition, we also pay our ISAs bonus commissions on the total sales made within their own uTeam as per our Compensation Plan. Please see comprehensive detailed plan for more information.

How does the Unittus billing process work?
Subscriptions are renewed every 28 days. Unittus has a grace period on all subscription orders to ensure that you do not have access to our systems denied or miss bonus checks due to accidental non-payment. This grace period extends to midnight Saturday (Pacific Time) for all orders due during that week.

When will I get paid?
Unittus pays commissions on a weekly basis. Pay periods extend from midnight on Saturday through the following Saturday at midnight (Pacific Time).

Bonuses are paid on the Friday following the close of the pay period.

How do I get paid?
Bonuses are deposited into your Unittus
eWallet (uWallet) each Friday. Funds may be transferred from your uWallet to a variety of choices including a pre-paid debit card whenever you choose. Other payment options may be available depending upon the country in which you live.

I signed up for the program. Why haven't I received an email confirmation?
Either we have an invalid email address on file for you, or you have a SPAM blocker installed on your email system. When you start your business, make sure any emails from are not blocked. Please refer to our white listed document for more information.

Are there restrictions on what I can and cannot do / say while marketing my business?
Yes. Please see our Policies, Terms and Procedures for a complete outline. In addition, there may be additional guidelines provided in your
uBusiness Center.

How do I make a subscription payment?
All subscription orders must be paid by Credit Card, your internal
uWallet, or other acceptance options provided in your uBusiness Center.

What happens to my organization when I cancel my subscription and don't generate the required SV (sales volume)?
After 12 weeks of non-payment, any personally enrolled Advisors and / or Unittors will be reassigned to your enroller.

What is Personal Sales Volume (PSV) and Team Sales Volume (TSV)?
PSV is the volume generated by an Advisor and all the Unittors he / she has enrolled and TSV is the accumulated Personal Sales Volume of all members of your team (through 7 levels).

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, you may receive a refund within 3 days of subscribing to the product. Beyond this 3-day period, no refunds will be granted. Requests for refunds must be received by the Unittus Support Center no later than close of business on the third day following the initial charge.

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