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Unittus, founded by people, developed globally by people, for the enrichment, generosity and lifestyle improvement of the people and our planet... Join us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement to join Unittus?
When you register, you warrant that you are 18 years of age and have reached the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside. You further warrant that you have full legal capacity to enter into the agreement, and that you agree to abide by any and all country and local laws per your residency.

What countries can participate in Unittus?
Currently, we welcome people from all over the world with translations in multiple languages.

Is Unittus a publicly traded company?
No, Unittus is a private company based in the USA.

How can I contribute to the Unittus mission?
To learn more about opportunities with us, please visit the Careers / Internship page of this website. As you learn more about the Unittus cause, we welcome your support of our brand by visiting

Who benefits utilizing Unittus?
Anyone around the world, regardless of your age, race, educational level, or economic status can benefit from being a part of the Unittus Community—bringing the world together through our unique proprietary platform and sharing the opportunity with others.

Who are the Unittus executive leaders?
To learn more about the Executive leaders of the company, please visit the Executive Team page of this website.

Will Unittus sell my information?
No. It is Unittus' policy to respect our customers and their right to privacy online. We hold your detailed personal information in confidence. Unittus will not sell, rent, or give away your personal information to other companies. You have a choice of the information you desire to place on your uProfile for public view.

What is Unittus?
Unittus is the people's company—a uWorld community, acting with one accord, to uNite like-minded people and empower the human spirit for the ultimate benefit of all humanity and the planet we all share.

How does Unittus earn money?
Unittus is a privately funded enterprise that relys on contributions, subscriber income and the brand support of the public and its community of Unittors & independent, International Social Advisors. We welcome your support of our brand by visiting

What is the Unittus Mission?
The 'cause' mission of Unittus is simple in concept but profound as an impact on our world. Unittus will empower the human spirit - regardless of interest or need. Our motto is, "find... or be found". Your Social, Career and Leisure World redefined. We strive to achieve our goals with the highest regard and respect for each and every human being, culture and country on earth. Global peace, good, positive, productive expectation and deliverance is what the Unittus brand represents. Unittus, founded by people, developed globally by people, for the enrichment, generosity and lifestyle improvement of the people and our planet. JOIN US TODAY!

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